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Sunrise came today, like
universal—leaving the remnants
of saltwater floes no cover

the gashed bed of the
waned sea overtly
entombs the sea salt, 
eternal ions bonded;
leaving you to at least believe

the Frigatebird may plunge across
azure skies in a shimmering school,
a magnificent black mesh pulled
to the ocean's rippled reflection;

like death itself had hatched
a flock of hooked-beak loafers 
and trained them to take off
with self-regulation; or as with

the astounding banality of nature,
you are surprised to glimpse,
among the salty air and bare sunshine,
the red-gulared bird, firsthand.

Anthony Clemons

Anthony Clemons is the founder and creator of Bard & Prose. He grew up in the Appalachian mountains and served in the Army for nearly 17 years, deploying to both Kuwait and Afghanistan. He attended Columbia University's Teachers College, earning an EdM and MA, and holds an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Goucher College. He is taking an MFA in Prose and Poetry from Northwestern University and an MA in English from National University. His work has appeared in Northern Appalachia Review, Silver Rose Magazine, Harvard Review, and elsewhere. Like every writer, he is at work on his first book.

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